The tide raises all boats, even those that were previously thought to have sunk. At least it looked like on Wednesday, when some of the former sleeping altcoins came alive again, showing gains from 3000% to 6500% in a week.

The main among these was Karma (KARMA), a social media project that was originally launched on the EOS blockchain in 2018. Over the last seven days, the dollar value of Karma has increased by 6530% as the value of the token has risen from less than $ 0, 000464 to one dollar. 0.030767. …

Trading volume increased by 35,400% during the same period, but do not assume that this means that liquidity is readily available. From a weekly low of $ 2, trading volume rose on Wednesday to a high of $ 710.

The token lost over 99% of its value between 2018 and 2020, the same year that any activity from the project’s Twitter account was last seen. Karma’s Telegram is expected to see many new additions last week, but no news has been received from the team.

Karma was transferred from the EOS blockchain to the Worldwide Asset eXchange in 2019, and the latest announcement on social media concerns the integration of the token with the WAX ​​cloud wallet. The WAXP token (WAXP) has increased 348% in the last month alone, and has successfully overcome the wave of NFT mania.

Another alternative currency activated this week, Nestree (EGG), has risen 3.018% in the last seven days, rising from $ 0.005511 to $ 0.171872. More than half of this increase occurred in a five-minute window early Wednesday morning, indicating subnormal price movement. More than 96% of the trading volume of $ 7 million was received on the South Korean stock exchange Bithumb, with transactions against Korean won.

Nestree was launched in 2019 and is marketed as a rewarded blockchain messaging program. The project’s Twitter account has become less active over time, with four posts in 2020 and only one in 2021. The latest announcement was a very short roadmap that provided vague details about the development of an e-commerce site.

There have been over 10,000 installs of the Nestree app in the Google Play Store, but reviews show that registration requires some personal information, including a mobile number. One reviewer remarked, “This is contrary to the spirit of blockchain-based chat apps.”

As the figures above suggest, the cryptocurrency market is not always different. I took all the price data from CoinMarketCap.

Source: CoinTelegraph