Crypto YouTuber Sunny Decree recently watched his YouTube live stream through the platform, the video violated his “harmful and dangerous policies”.

According to a tweet from Sunny Decree on September 5, the video-sharing platform has stopped its last live broadcast on its Swiss-based English channel, and the creator is also recording in German, warning them that another violation will result in the suspension of service for a week. For live broadcast, download and publish.

YouTube channel was previously targeted on YouTube. In December 2019, the platform began removing videos with strongly encrypted content. On notable channels, including Decree, which has over 123,000 subscribers, the videos were removed without explanation. YouTube later described this step as a “mistake” and fixed several videos.

However, the platform is still targeting a number of cryptocurrency-related channels, apparently in response to the regularly spread cryptocurrency scams.

In June, the platform shut down the official cryptocurrency news site for “violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.” After two days of appeal, the channel and all 40,000 subscribers were restored.

Source: CoinTelegraph