Do you remember the scary story of a man who spent 10,000 BTC on a pizza – an amount that would be equivalent to $ 400 million today?

How about a scary story about an IT engineer who threw away a hard drive containing 7,500 bitcoins, only to be told that the board would not let him take it back from the junkyard?

We didn’t even mention the sad saga of a San Francisco-based programmer who had only two to guess the password before he lost $ 277.4 million in cryptocurrency.

There are many hopeful milestones in the cryptocurrency industry to celebrate, including an anonymous foundation that donated 5,104 BTC to good deeds, and a legendary German group that “had a great time” accepting cryptocurrency payments for beer for nine years.

Over the years, we’ve covered many colorful stories … And now we want to hear yours.

Tell us about your experience with cryptocurrency
Tradelize, a social network of traders and investors powered by real-time statistics, has teamed up with Cointelegraph in fierce competition to track the crypto community’s biggest successes and failures. We are looking for stories he tells from the outside – stories with twists and turns that will leave the jaws of people on earth. The total prize pool of $ 20,000 is available for grabs.

Cointelegraph editors choose the first winner. They will not only receive $ 5,000, but they will also be able to share their story in an article on our website.

Another winner will be selected through the Tradelize platform based on the number of likes received by each entry and will also receive $ 5,000. Even if you don’t have a scary anecdote to tell us, you can still get involved by voting for your favorite.

Sharing is easy. All you need to do is register on the Tradelize platform, use the API to communicate with the selected exchange, and share your story in the Tradelize feed along with the #TradelizeContest hashtag.

The campaign runs from cl. 12.00 Moscow time on February 9 in class. 12.00 Moscow time on March 9.

Courting a crypto enthusiast
Tradelize also partnered with Wootrade for a second promotional offer – both platforms have teamed up to make cryptocurrency trading and investing more transparent and efficient. While Tradelize targets a wide range of traders and investors, building bridges between amateurs and professionals, Wootrade focuses on connecting CeFi and DeFi trading platforms to their liquidity pool.

More information from TRADELIZE here
In the second competition, a $ 10,000 prize pool of $ 5,000 and $ 5,000 in WOO codes will be split among 333 winners, each receiving $ 30 in their personal wallet.

All users need to do in order to have a chance to win is register on the Tradelize platform and connect the API to at least one exchange – most importantly, they must confirm the registration by email.

Winners will be announced within ten business days after the end of the promotion, and awards will be presented within a week.

In order to ensure fair competition, users may be disqualified if Tradelize systems detect that they have created multiple accounts.

Bitcoin boasts a foreign altcoin
In many ways, the crazy crypto world is better than fiction. A lot of things have happened that will be dismissed as very odd even for the most successful films. (Example: The richest man in the world and two famous musicians joined forces to tweet about cryptocurrency, which started out as a joke and resulted in a spike in rewards.)

We look forward to reading your stories by March 9th – and who knows, you can soon read your name on the Cointelegraph website.

Source: CoinTelegraph