A Twitter account titled “The $ 1,200 Incentive Now Worth” tracks how much your first incentive would cost $ 1,200 if you invested in Bitcoin when sending money as of April 15, 2020.

The implementation of the first $ 1,200 stimulus bill in April of last year led to significant growth in cryptocurrencies and the stock market.

Bitcoin was set at $ 6,848 on April 15, and if you had invested $ 1,200 in the stimulus, it would now be worth $ 10,211 at current prices of around $ 56,000. Return on investment 751%

And if you somehow missed the investment in the first Bitcoin incentive test, the second $ 600 stimulus launched at the end of December will still give you a good return. If you bought Bitcoin on January 1st for $ 29,000, that $ 600 investment would now go up to $ 1,160 – a 93% return.

The third stimulus will come after the US Senate approved the publication of a $ 1.9 trillion aid package on March 6, which will pay $ 1,400 to eligible Americans.

To see the same return on the third stimulus, you have to see a massive rise in the Bitcoin price. If you want to repeat the 751% refund, then the bitcoin price should be $ 476,000. A recovery of 93% of this incentive would result in Bitcoin reaching $ 108,000.

In the short term, many institutions believe that Bitcoin could exceed $ 100,000 by 2021. Earlier this year, in January, Nikolaos Banjertzoglu of JPMorgan Chase’s strategy team said that bitcoin could get $ 146,000 plus. By the end of 2021, it is also expected to be the currency of Bitcoin. Tapping gold as a hedge and long-term value for investors.

COVID-19 boosted interest in Bitcoin, according to a Grayscale Investments survey in June and July 2020. The company surveyed 1,000 investors aged 25 to 64 with personal investments of $ 10,000 or more.

The survey found that the pandemic affected the decisions of 63% of respondents who invested in Bitcoin in the past four months.

The problem with this story is that if you invested your first incentive check in Ethereum on April 15th, you would outperform your Bitcoin counterparts. Investing $ 1,200 in Ethereum at the time would have given you 7.5 Ether, which is about $ 13,500 at current prices, an increase of 1025%.

Source: CoinTelegraph