Wyoming representative and long-time cryptocurrency champion Tyler Lindholm was ousted in the Republican primaries by a candidate representing the far-right party.

So far, it is unclear how this would affect blockchain-friendly legislation in the state, although Lindholm was “100% confident that [blockchain] laws are safe” after his defeat, according to a report by Forbes.

The surprise was part of a determined push by right-wing donors, conservative interest groups and factions within the Wyoming Republican Party, which led to a number of important victories over incumbents.

The local Star Tribune news agency indicated that this is likely to have a significant political impact, with many Republican candidates slated to be unopposed in the general election.

Lindholm’s role as the whip majority helped him enforce a number of blockchain-friendly laws during his tenure, making Wyoming one of the leading US states for blockchain companies.

This has caught the attention of well-known companies in the industry such as Kraken and IOHK.

Given his experience with US blockchain technology legislation, Lindholm shouldn’t have much trouble finding a profitable position in the industry if he so desires.

Sure, it looks like he suffered a defeat in the chin the day after the primaries in the Facebook Live headline:

“This is a difficult year. But we will continue to block. We still live in Wyoming, it could be worse.”

Source: CoinTelegraph