The Norwegian government’s pension fund, also known as the Petroleum Fund, owns more than $ 1 trillion in assets, including 1.4% of all global equities and equities. It is considered the largest state wealth fund in the world. The fund also owns nearly 600 bitcoin (BTC) through its investment holdings, according to a report from Arcane Research released on September 19.

Analysis data from Arcane Research shows that Norwegian Oil Fund has 577.6 BTC invested in business intelligence company MicroStrategy. Thus, the company’s portfolio in BTC is approximately $ 6.3 million. The Government Pension Fund owns 1.51% of MicroStrategy.

Michael Saylor, founder of MicroStrategy, said in a recent tweet that the company owns 38,250 BTC.

In addition, two other large investment consulting companies, BlackRock Fund Advisors and Vanguard Group, have 15.24% (5829.30 BTC) and 11.72% (4,482.90 BTC), respectively. Cointelegraph previously reported that BlackRock, as MicroStrategy’s largest shareholder, indirectly owns BTC.

Vanguard Group is a US investment advisory firm with around $ 6.2 trillion in assets under management (AUM) as of January 31, 2020. It is the largest provider of equity funds and the second largest provider of exchange traded funds (ETFs). in the world after BlackRock’s iShares. On the other hand, BlackRock Fund Advisors manages $ 7.3 trillion in assets.

MicroStrategy has received many headlines in recent days when they announced a bold plan to invest in bitcoin. As the last major giant to go into space, MicroStrategy first bought 21,454 BTC for $ 250 million in August and another 16,796 BTC for $ 175 million in September.

Source: CoinTelegraph