The programmers have found a way to replace the most important service offerings for Wall Street and the army of corporate lawyers with 800 lines of smart contract code.

In DeFi, “De” stands for “decentralization”, which means that there are no intermediaries in the process. Despite the tough and flawless user experience, billions of dollars in assets flow in through new decentralized apps every day.

We’re just at the beginning of the growing DeFi bubble, and there really are tokens worth more than Bitcoin (BTC). Some of them are nothing more than a name, a symbol and smart marketing. There are shrimp, burgers, noodles and sushi that have reached very high standards, and many of these tokens have sequels. This is madness outside the ICO bubble in 2017.

Can things be bad, or can this technology be used forever?
Everything that can be coded can end up in the DeFi app. The pace of development is intense. Cool new projects appear every day – one day DeFi can be bigger than the Internet. Now anything is possible.

Peer-to-peer funding also runs in the background. It provides financial services to people based on real utility issues such as payments, money transfers, wealth preservation and trade. People in emerging markets like Africa and India seem to benefit the most. All DeFi trading is peer-to-peer when it comes to blockchain.

Imagine a pure version of DeFi where we can link paper money like dollars and all the world currencies. Why does the world need it? Remember what “no friction” is when you board? This is actually a huge added value because more than 40% of the developing countries we serve are not able to offer appropriate Know Your Customer services because local KYC solutions are poorly integrated or developed. Furthermore, many people have no identity, which is another opportunity to provide financial inclusion to more people.

1.7 billion people lack access to traditional financial services. If Bitcoin is the first level, then DeFi is the second level, and the personal level offered by P2P is the third. This human support decentralized transfer market only needs the hassle-free internal process that decentralization entails.

Another major advantage is the possibility of decentralized pricing. The current decentralized exchanges cannot do this because they use the “Oracle” price from the centralized exchanges. However, man-made decentralized markets can offer P2P cryptocurrency-based pricing for paper trading. This could give us the real price of bitcoin against the dollar, which will be of great value to people in hyperinflationary economies like Zimbabwe or Venezuela, where people often have to check many different sources.

Additional forms of price discovery may be based on exchange rules for exchange templates. Here you can find a hidden product that will change the world; This type of price discovery will be the new normal and potentially redefine geopolitical power.

Remember we are in a bubble, but when it bursts, the next rise in bitcoin will start, so get ready. When the world plunges into chaos, just remember that it is “good to be in a world of cryptocurrencies”, as cryptocurrencies are a defense against the collapse of the financial world. Bitcoin and Ether are very reliable because they now serve as real utility items.

DeFi tokens play with fire and can burn. Those who win this game buy, remember and constantly check the price. Bitcoin will always be the backbone of the crypto economy and will continue to grow. DeFi will close the work started by Bitcoin.

Source: CoinTelegraph