A cloud-based provider of cryptocurrency software that aims to simplify automated trading, says it currently has more than 70,000 active users and over 7,000 active trading robots, and has completed nearly 3 million trades since its launch.

TradeSanta can be linked to seven major exchanges, including Binance, Huobi, OKEx and HitBTC. The company says that it is easy to create an account, and trading robots can be set up in less than two minutes.

From here, long and short robots can be used to take advantage of bullish and bearish markets, and technical indicators can be used to open trades at appropriate times. TradeSanta notes that it allows you to trade large amounts of cryptocurrencies without affecting the value of the underlying asset – and even better, users can track the progress of the bot anywhere thanks to Telegram’s transparent analysis and alerts.

Continuous improvements
TradeSanta says that it was a busy 2020 year when the company presented completely new features.

So far this year, it has added a number of technical indicators, including Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and Relative Strength Index (RSI). Virtual and manual trading stations are also displayed. Furthermore, one of the company’s priorities is to enter new markets around the world. For this purpose, TradeSanta’s services are now available in Russian, Spanish and Japanese.

The company then plans to introduce a rolling profit, which means traders can maximize the chances of taking advantage of price movements. This tool means that the number of cryptocurrencies sold for grows along with the increase in the value of the digital asset.

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For example, suppose someone buys 1 BTC for $ 10,000 and sets the ultimate profit at 5%. If Bitcoin later rises to $ 12,000, the subsequent profit increases with it and maintains the $ 600 distance. This means that if BTC suddenly fell to $ 9,500, the trader would close his position at $ 11,400, thus protecting $ 1,400 from the profits that would have been lost if the bitcoin price fell below $ 10,000.

More features to come
Further improvements are planned in the coming months, with TradeSanta planning to improve stop-loss functionality, improve the dashboard and improve the user experience. Futures trading will also be supported, with Binance Futures as one of the first platforms to be included.

Before the last quarter of 2020, users will be able to share robot settings and copy trading strategies with maximum performance. Profit Counter can set and track trading targets, and the new one-click feature lets you sell currencies instantly from the TradeSanta dashboard.

As Cointelegraph previously reported, TradeSanta believes there are many benefits to using more than one cryptocurrency exchange, as it gives consumers access to a more diverse set of trading pairs. It is also possible to take advantage of arbitrage as one trading platform sells bitcoins for less than others.

Furthermore, the company aims to address the shortcomings by supporting multiple accounts by connecting all of these exchanges to the cloud-based software.

There are four levels of TradeSanta subscriptions. The free package allows users to use up to two robots for a maximum of $ 3000 per month. The basic package costs $ 14 a month and is billed one year in advance, offering up to 49 robots that beginners can take advantage of in a free, three-day trial. The advanced level gives you access to 99 robots for $ 20 a month on an annual basis, while the higher plan gives you unlimited robots for $ 30 a month – 50% off the regular price.

Source: CoinTelegraph