The Waves Association on Wednesday announced a new grant program for interconnection.

The complex consists of 1 million Waves icons, with a total value of approximately $ 3 million at the time of publication. Projects will be eligible for grants of up to 300,000 waves to develop solutions for interoperability and interconnection.

There will be three different types of grants: open grants, hackathon grants and Waves grants. Sten Laureissens, strategic advisor for Waves, explained to Cointelegraph that the open grants will have a wide scope:

“In the open grants category, grants are open to a number of participatory projects that do not need to be linked to waves. We are looking for innovative solutions to connect existing blockchains and applications.”
The last two types of grants must meet certain requirements, so Wave’s blockchain is likely to be involved in some form. However, Lorisins said the association also plans to sponsor Blockchain Agnostic solutions.

Sasha Ivanov, President of Waves, touched on some types of interoperability solutions offered today:

The Waves Association is committed to supporting independent developers working on interoperability solutions, especially those who think outside the box. Solving the interoperability problem by adding a custom blockchain and private token as an extra layer will add complexity and undermine the potential of the proposed solution. ”
Grants will be negotiated and approved by members of the Waves Association, but the allocation of funds will be automated using a decentralized application.

Waves is a smart blockchain platform that supports contracts and competes with Ethereum and EOS. Its developers have often criticized common approaches to certain principles of blockchain technology, especially misleading claims about transactional capacity.

Wave’s blockchain was recently used with apparent success in the Russian local elections following the disappointing results of a similar system developed by BitFury.

Source: CoinTelegraph