Crypto broker Voyager has merged with LGO, a European business-focused digital asset exchange.

LGO CEO Hugo Renaudin told Cointelegraph: “LGO and Voyager will join forces to offer their services under the Voyager brand to provide a premium experience for cryptocurrency investors in the US and Europe.”

“European customers will be able to access the Voyager app using LGO’s European regulatory requirements, and LGO and VGX tokens will be integrated into the new token.”
As a crypto broker, Voyager simplifies transactions for customers through the platform. Using a single exchange such as Coinbase means that customers only have access to the liquidity and size of that platform. On the other hand, brokers quickly forward trades for clients to various exchanges.

Voyager previously allowed only US customers and now plans to expand its coverage to retailers in Europe after the merger. Raynouddin said European customers will have the same access to the Voyager platform as US customers, “pending regulatory approval in France and Europe.”

US buyers will also benefit from the merger. “As users of the global application, they will benefit from the services of a larger player with more access and better services (better prices, more assets, better prices),” the CEO explained.

“In addition, token holders worldwide (in the US, Europe and elsewhere) will benefit from the new token, which will have more benefits and features for Voyager app users.”
LGO is a large corporate crypto exchange. The company helped found ADAN, a group of organizations promoting the blockchain and crypto industry in Europe. However, as part of the merger, LGO will close the dedicated corporate exchange on 31 October 2020 and transfer the assets to Voyager by the end of 2020.

“LGO will operate under the Voyager brand, so we will mainly focus on retail,” said Reynoden. “However, Voyager recently announced the launch of the company’s offering, and we will also help expand that part of the business.”

Voyager and LGO have original cryptocurrencies: VGX and LGO. As part of the merger, Voyager will phase out these tokens and replace them with a new asset, which is expected to hit the market before 2021. Holders of existing assets can trade their assets and receive new assets at launch. This refurbished asset has a number of benefits, including DeFi community management features and storage features.

Source: CoinTelegraph