The defense team of Alexander Vinik, an alleged Bitcoin bleacher who has been sentenced to five years in prison, does not agree with the court’s decision.

According to a report by the Russian news agency Kommersant on December 18, Finnick’s lawyer Frederic Bello appealed the decision of the French court and argued that the accused was not involved in any money laundering operations.

Referring to the ruling issued on December 6, in which Finik was accused of “laundering money as part of an organized criminal group”, Bello emphasized that there is no “criminal group” consisting of one person. “The court did not mention a single name, not even a name that allegedly belongs to this group,” Pilot said.

According to Pilot, Vinnik was likely to fall victim to anonymous “employers” on the now-discontinued BTC electronic exchange, as his participation in the management of the platform has not been proven: “Vinnik was just a full-time trader,” said Plott, “and he did not participate.” At least intentionally in money laundering operations. ”

According to Pilot, Finnick’s defense expects the court to hear the appeal within four months. The attorneys also argued that the court’s decision in Paris was based on an investigation involving US intelligence services. According to the report, Finnick faces 50 years in prison in the US if extradited.

In folklore known as “Mr. Bitcoin,” Vinnik is the convicted creator of an illegal global scheme that has laundered more than $ 4 billion in capital flows through BTC-e. More than three years after his arrest in Greece, Finnik’s trial is finally taking place in Early December 2020. Finnick has previously denied involvement in BTC e-codes and claimed that it was only employed by the company.

Source: CoinTelegraph