The Vienna Stock Exchange, or Wiener Börse, has become the third “official regulated market” in the world to offer a Bitcoin (BTC) product.

On September 1, tradable products (ETP) were listed on the exchange, namely ABTC and AETH – 21 Shares AGs.

Thomas Rainer, Chief Development Officer of Wiener Börse, emphasized that the listing gives “savvy local investors” access to the benefits the stock market can provide to cryptocurrency traders, including “controlled, orderly and transparent real-time information trading and secure settlements. from normal brokers. ”

21Shares CEO Hani Rashwan confirmed that the Vienna Stock Exchange listing means Bitcoin ETP is now available for all three DACH countries – Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

“We are pleased to announce that Bitcoin is now available everywhere for both individual and institutional investors in the DACH region.”
“Outside of DACH, there is no other jurisdiction in the world that provides such comprehensive and extensive access to bitcoin,” he added.

In July, 21Shares Ethereum and Bitcoin ETP were also included in the XETRA Deutsche Boerse Index, which includes more than 90% of German stocks and almost 30% of European ETFs. In less than two years of operation, 21Shares has raised over $ 100 million in assets under management.

Another push for institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies – the Singapore Exchange (SGX) announced that it will include Bitcoin and Ethereum price indices in partnership with UK-based CryptoCompare.

While indices do not allow SGX users to trade cryptocurrencies, price streams can be used by other Singaporean companies looking to launch BTC or ETH products, which is a way of tracking cryptocurrency price fluctuations in real time from a trusted source.

“As the world rapidly moves towards digitalization through wealth creation and accumulation, the use of digital assets by investors is growing,” said Simon Karaban, head of indexing services at SGX.

Source: CoinTelegraph