“The Department of Justice today filed a civil lawsuit related to the confiscation of coins that listed two virtual currency exchange discs by North Korean representatives,” the US Department of Justice said in a statement released on August 27. “These actors stole millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrencies and ultimately laundered money through Chinese cryptocurrency dealers.” The hackers have reportedly used 280 different accounts for digital assets.

March 2020 revealed details of a 2019 court case in which two Chinese citizens allegedly hijacked heaps of crypto assets totaling $ 250 million. This ordeal appears to be linked to the news of the day, the Ministry of Justice stated in its statement that the North Korean parties have been convicted in connection with the 2019 case.

Brian Rabbit, an officer in the US Department of Justice, explained that the hacking program from North Korea combined with the ring of crypto-based money laundering in China creates a long web of related activities.

“Despite complex laundering techniques, the IRS-CI Cyber ​​Crime Unit has successfully managed to return stolen funds directly to North Korean actors,” said Don Forte, Director of the IRS-CI Criminal Investigation Department. The statement contained a number of other quotes from various government agencies involved in the case.

A suspected North Korean hacker breached $ 270,000 in cryptocurrency exchanges by routing assets through a variety of wallets, and repeatedly exchanging them for other currencies and tokens, including BTC and USDT, based on a complaint noted in the Justice Department in July 2019. Statement of 27 August.

September 2019 also led to similar measures, with a North Korean character allegedly violating a crypto deal in the US as well as its partner companies. “The hacker stole nearly 2.5 million US dollars and washed more than 100 accounts in another virtual wallet,” the statement said, hiding their actions.

“The infrastructure and communications accounts that were used to facilitate intervention and transfer of funds were also linked to North Korea,” the statement added.

Update Aug 27, 21:06 UTC: This article has been updated.

Source: CoinTelegraph