GameStop and Twitter are a mirage and an iceberg, but don’t try to tweet them. Not because you don’t want to own a tweet (because you don’t want to), but because the only real expression Twitter has to offer as a platform is to reveal the ugly truth about the Internet itself. Or as Elon Musk recently tweeted:

Let me explain.

While Robinhood stops trading with suspected users, Jack Dorsey talked about decentralization on Twitter and social media in general. But unlike some enthusiasts, the word “decentralization” corresponds to Grammar Ambien. But I am still awake. I promise I won’t tell you to buy Bitcoin (BTC), but I will tell you why you should be able to own some of the next Twitter and Robinhood. First, let’s say that we all clearly feel it.

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Decentralization has begun
Something … in the air. This is concrete strength. This treasure that is about to explode is not literally a treasure, but a symbolic one that has stopped the river of progress and equality in many areas of our world. The oligarchs have always had power, and now they have equal power in all these areas.

People are starting to move from centralized energy models to decentralized models and moving from a few with all their might to a multitude of participants. When this dam breaks, a massive transformation will take place, as everyone involved will become stronger and the strongest among us will begin to decline. It has already started to flow. This is the beginning of a new force.

Jeremy Haymans and Henry Thames, bestselling authors of New Power: How Energy Works in Our Hyperconnected World – and How to Make It Work for You, describe the situation in a 2014 article:

“The old power works like a coin. Few hold it. Once acquired, it is closely guarded, and the strong have a large supply to use. She is blocked and inaccessible, and the leader controls her. She’s charged. … down, it rises. The new energy works in a different way, like a stream. This is true. Created by many. She is open, collaborative and manageable. It is downloaded and distributed. Like water or a stream, it is stronger when it rises. … with renewed vigor is not to save, but to lead. ”
New strength of the twentieth century
While the classical top-down model of power, the tree or pyramid model, has existed at least since the time of Aristotle, the 21st century has shifted towards something completely different. We have seen this in the invention of the Internet, in political movements like the Tea Party or Black Lives Matter, in the Me Too movement, in open source software, in collective knowledge projects like Wikipedia, and of course in the invention of bitcoin. (BTC) and blockchain. But what could be more interesting: the Universe itself, the human mind, art and our natural ecosystems are all like decentralized networks. Most importantly, he doesn’t look like a top model.

Hayman and Timus go on to say:

“Those who build and operate huge platforms operating at the new capacity have become our new elite. These leaders often use the language of the audience – “share,” “discover,” “communicate” – but their actions can tell a different story. Think of Facebook, the new energy platform. The one most of us know best. For all the likes and smiling faces we create using what the company calls “our ability to share,” Facebook’s two billion users are not getting any share of the enormous economic value the platform has created. Nothing to say about how it is run. Not a look. Take a look at the algorithm that has been shown to shape our mood, our self-confidence, and even some of our choices. Far from the paradise of free organic roaming that the early pioneers of the Internet represented, there is a growing sense that we live in a world of cooperative farming, where a small number of large platforms are fenced off and activity is reaped. Every day for their own benefit in the billions. ”

Robinhood and Twitter – and most importantly, the design of the Internet to enable their business model – were centralized and needed to be maintained. They promote ancient forces by promoting themselves as the opposite. This is where the air reflection meets the iceberg. But after a tumultuous 2020, people seem to get bored. The cat is, so to speak, out of the bag.

Cultural and technological shifts
What was once a theory is now a reality. The network model is real, and ironically, he needs a new home as he is currently working at the top of the pyramid.

The Internet is run by central servers owned by centralized organizations. All data-driven human products are monitored, processed, studied, sold and used to influence our behavior and maximize the benefits of a small group of people.

Source: CoinTelegraph