Twitter, Discord to support Solana NFT gallery ‘embed’ with Audius Web 3.0


The California-based music streaming platform Audius has released new functionality that allows artists and fans to post tokens (NFTs) on various blogs and social media platforms such as Twitter and Discord.

The built-in feature aims to enhance the fan experience for musicians through the integration of NFT and Web 3.0. To enable this feature, artists must link their Audius accounts to the Phantom Wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet powered by the Solana ecosystem. In an effort to improve the detectability of Solana’s NFTs, the company stated:

“NFT owners can include their assets in the two largest blockchain groups on Twitter timelines, personal blogs and websites. This new feature will make collectibles popular.”

Source: Audio
The blockchain-based music streaming platform serves popular top performers including Katy Perry, Nas and The Chainsmokers, and the user base has quadrupled in 2021.

Source: Audio
While social media platforms allow JPEGs, the built-in feature offered by Audius shows NFT metadata that artists can use to promote and sell their talent.

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As third parties continue to experiment with features designed to capture the attention of the established crypto community on social media platforms, Twitter has hired an in-house team to manage decentralized apps, cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

As Cointelegraph reported on November 10, Interchain Foundation board member Tess Rinearson announced she is joining the Bluesky project on Twitter to “explore how the ideas of the crypto community can help us push the boundaries of what is possible with identity, community, ownership and more. “



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