BTC and ETH appear to be the only two cryptocurrencies with price charts at the time of writing. Other top cryptocurrencies, including Musk’s beloved Dogecoin

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However, Twitter Business said it expects to expand its coverage of icons and improve user experience “in the coming weeks.”

Screenshot of the 24-hour Twitter price chart of Ether (ETH). Source: Cointelegraph.
Cointelegraph found that a number of Bitcoin variations such as “$Bitcoin,” “Bitcoin price,” and “BTC price” also lead to a price chart, with corresponding searches also working for Ethereum.

Technical blogger Jane Mastodon Wong noted to her 158,700 Twitter followers on December 21 that the charts are from TradingView trading analysis platform.

The price charts also include a clickable “View on Robinhood” link in the lower left corner, indicating that the retail trading platform has teamed up with Twitter for this integration.

There, users are brought to Robinhood’s price chart for ETH, which provides an additional link below that says “Sign Up to Buy Ethereum.” The same links are provided for Bitcoin as well.

However, details of a partnership between Twitter and Robinhood were not disclosed.

The Twitter price chart integration could drive traffic to Robinhood, where #Bitcoin alone is tweeted nearly 120,000 times a day, according to data from BitInfoCharts.

On the other hand, #Ethereum is hovering around the 25,000 range.

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Earlier this month, rumors began circulating that Twitter might create its own digital currency, ‘Twitter Coin’ to be used for payments on the platform. The rumors began on December 4, about a week after Musk shared a glimpse of what “Twitter 2.0” might look like, including the possible integration of cryptocurrency-based payments on Twitter.

But Musk’s future at Twitter appears to be at a crossroads after the controversial figure asked Twitter users if he should “step down as head of Twitter?” In a Twitter poll conducted on December 19 – with 57.5 out of 17,502,391 voters answering “yes”.

Musk later added that he would “resign as CEO as soon as I find someone foolish enough to take the job!”