Yeah, yeah, I know: You’re a cool Twatter, not to mention your lone zipper who has had 50 likes to break the boundaries. Likewise, this reporter is a careless day in skipping pigs when your favorite influencer in The Dealer colorfully described Brad Garlinghouse’s anatomy.

If that’s any consolation, know that I hate the entire page as much as you do. It has been a terrible year for almost the entire planet, and while the cryptocurrency has enjoyed a strong secular bull market, everyone is still able to come together, weather adversity and treat each other terribly. I looked at one of these tweets, and I expected it to be from mid-fall, and I had a mild aneurysm when I realized it was posted two weeks ago.

Logging into Cryptotwitter is a place where some of the smartest LARP contestants are like little animals with two weeks of life, where billionaires can tell you a bitch with a mom, where you usually ask yourself, “Oh Lord, why would anyone make porn from SpongeBob !?” – It undergoes an endless chain of decomposition. According to the Italian sculptor Alberto Giacometti, “Between things, between people, bridges have been destroyed; The void slides everywhere, separating every creature from its emptiness. “I check it every morning when I wake up for the first time.

This is not a “best” list of tweets because there are no good tweets. It also cannot be interpreted as rewards, since the only reward obtained is the ability to say “I have deactivated my account”. Some of them are funny, but you probably won’t believe it and tame me in DM. Please God, the year 2021 will be shorter than the year 2020.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, monkeys.

Bollinger Group
John Bollinger is a living trading legend, a man known for his contributions in the field even to those who study technical analysis on weekends at their leisure. His 2001 book Bollinger on Bollinger Bands is a classic book translated into 11 languages. However, according to Crypto Twitter, he is “naive.”

In late November, Bollinger released the highest possible bitcoin formation:

In response, Crypto Twitter gave the business:

Somehow, the hilarious and extremely awkward conversation concluded that Bollinger had shouted “Your Beloved Person”.

Whatever the case, Army Dough was right, too: BTC easily exceeded its level. Bollinger group, in fact.

Monkeys in the wild
CryptoMessiah is a good retinue: a kind, cool, and open-minded merchant with pleasure that he’ll end up throwing his bags at you. Uniswap Gem Finder’s weekly streams are a defining feature of high-stakes games, but his biggest contribution might be a simple three-word sentence:

“Monkey is Strong Together” – a coded version of “Submit”. Like the previous “Rock it, Lumdart”, this has become the motto of a new bull market, a battleground of countless declines as they stand watchfully on clear blankets.

However, geniuses can’t fix all the time:

Where do social icons belong?
From Bankless podcast host David Hoffman, play in two works.

Shop for:

Work on:

Personal codes are bad and should be dead by 2020.

Institutions go
In early 2020, they snapped a photo – and now it looks like everyone wants to nibble in bulk.

While it appears MicroStrategy and Grayscale are in a race to see who can steal most of the headlines with ridiculous bitcoin purchases, other organizations such as JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs are also starting to dip their fingers in the waters of cryptocurrency. According to statistical studies, this trend will only intensify by 2021, when it appears that banks and major funds are maintaining their positions in cryptocurrencies any fall.

Source: CoinTelegraph