The fund, created in March with the goal of coding up to $ 20 million in whiskey, announced its first successful round of investment and the purchase of the first batch of Kentucky Bourbon.

Wave Financial Group announced on September 11 that the digital fund Kentucky Whiskey 2020 had originally acquired 1,000 barrels from the Wilderness Trails distillery.

Investors are expected to benefit from higher alcohol prices as they get older, lasting about five to six years. As Cointelegraph previously reported, the price is expected to increase from around $ 1,000 a barrel to around $ 4,000 a barrel during this period.

Fund manager Benjamin Tsai explained that it is extremely difficult for investors to disclose certain real assets, such as whiskey:

“Our extensive research has shown that the profitability of Kentucky Aged Bourbon is very stable and reliable during the approximately five years they spend on barrels before they are packed, so we are pleased to be able to give investors the opportunity to meet this price increase.”

While Wave expects most investors to own the asset for the entire period until it is full, ownership will be coded for the second year. This will allow any investor who wants to end the scheme early, provided they find a buyer.

The fund’s access to the Wilderness Trails distillery is still open this year, and Wave continues to raise capital for new investment rounds.

Source: CoinTelegraph