A new competition has been launched that gives participants the opportunity to earn extremely rare and mushroom-free tokens, including CryptoPunk and Bored Apes.

Liquidifty.io reports that the latest compilation competition also includes works by Buck, XCOPY, Stephen Baltai, x0r, Steve Aoki and a number of other talented artists.

First prize – CryptoPunk # 6691, one of 10,000 uniquely created characters from the beloved series. This particular punk has a front beard, earrings, horn glasses and a knitted hat – a fitting hipster if there ever was one. Looking at the transaction history of this NFT on the Larva Labs website revealed that it was recently sold for $ 40,158.

A total of 10,000 NFT packages are for sale, and the most valuable non-fungal tokens were distributed randomly among them. This creates an addictive lottery game where you never know what is in the package you bought before you open it. It is important that there are no empty packages here – this means that you will always have a work of art or a set of cryptocurrencies.

Liquidifty states that each of these NFT packages can only be opened after every 10,000 packages have been sold. But judging by the previous collector’s competition, this should not be too long – the packages in the last competition were sold out in three fixed minutes.

To protect new artists
According to Liquidifty, this competition is not an official collaboration with top artists – they instead distribute NFT from their fairly extensive collection.

Another exciting element of this approach is how it supports new and talented creators, allowing contributors to discover newcomers to the vibrant world of digital art. This means that while the NFTs in the package may be relatively unknown at present, they may be associated with a larger name in the future.

As you’d expect, the chance of accessing through rare CryptoPunk to purchase more NFT packs increases. The number of packages that can be purchased is unlimited, and each costs 10 lira. At the time of writing, it cost around $ 7.

This cryptocurrency can be purchased through the decentralized platform PancakeSwap. To purchase an NFT package, all you need to do is link your crypto wallet to the Liquidifty website.

Regular updates of the competition results are provided via the Liquidifty website and the Medium page, as well as through their social media channels.

More information about liquids here

So much to look forward to
In 2021, Liquidifty was a huge success. She launched a full-fledged NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain and a series of artist support programs. She now has over 20,000 followers on Twitter and 15,000 on Telegram, and Binance has retweeted the project.

For the rest of the year, the project plans to launch a private augmented reality NFT product that will create a bridge for indestructible tokens between BSC and other networks. Loans will also be provided with these assets as collateral.

As of 2022, Liquidifty plans to offer a multi-chain NFT exchange with price predictions as well as NFT storage.

Source: CoinTelegraph