Blockchain is one of the highest buzzwords in the business right now. Deloitte’s annual survey shows that 55% of executives believe this technology is important for the future of their business – so much so that it is among their top five strategic priorities.

There is only one problem: blockchain is complex and building one of these networks from scratch takes a lot of experience. Platinum Software Development, which positions itself as a leader in DeFi and blockchain software development, says that the goal is to offer comprehensive products to companies of all sizes.

Platinum has been developing blockchains and enterprise-wide software since 2015, including mobile banking apps, reward platforms, stablecoin systems, DeFi protocols and cropping services among its achievements.

The company also sought to educate the public about the potential of this technology through the University of Blockchain and Investment, one of the first educational platforms that took an academic approach to blockchain education. Through this portal, students can access basic, intermediate and specialized courses developed by fintech experts.

Platinum Engineers has also developed a new formula that allows people to analyze cryptocurrency lending rates, the best DeFi protocols in terms of market value and total closed value, and the success of Ethereum-based projects. Hopefully, over time, the DeFi ‘Q’ ranking will be seen as a better alternative to other data sites such as DeFi Pulse.

Platinum projects
Platinum has several case studies that convincingly demonstrate its expertise. An example of this is an application developed for Embily, which is a universal banking app for Android and iOS platforms with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The app also offers several features, including card-to-card transfers, KYC checks and a complete transaction history. All this has been achieved while offering a high level of knowledge and experience that is not unlike that of Fiat-focused platforms.

At the end of September, Platinum entered into a partnership with the SpaceSwap project and was tasked with developing a secure and reliable smart contract for the platform.

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Of course, decentralized financing is one of the main areas in the cryptocurrency industry right now, and platinum is playing an important role in creating products that will help drive this vibrant sector forward. The team is actively developing, which provides detailed information on the pools of liquidity, currencies and protocols offered by the world’s largest DeFi platforms. The company is trying to create a convenient way to connect global projects with the Asian market.

Ready to serve
Platinum founders Anton Dzyatkovsky and Dan Khomenko say the company has a large engineering team that develops projects of all sizes – with a collective skill set that includes DevOps, mobile app development, software testing, quality assurance, blockchain and enterprise software. … development and DeFi. The company can also help create non-exchangeable tokens, another division of the crypto industry that is seeing explosive growth following the adoption of major brands, including the NBA. According to, NFT’s trading volume last month was $ 9.5 million.

On the DeFi side, the Platinum team says that they have the knowledge to build DeFi platforms to the same standards as, among others, Uniswap, SushiSwap and Curve. They added: “We know exactly how we can develop flexible cryptocurrencies, cold storage and deposit services, and how we can integrate them into the platforms.”

Platinum is a member of the Boston Blockchain Association and describes itself as “a proven and well-known presence in the crypto industry.” Since its launch, the engineering firm has served more than 500 companies.

Looking ahead, Platinum is developing several projects for a stable currency exchange and is moving towards a partnership with a large Swiss company to create custody regulated by Swiss law.

Source: CoinTelegraph