With annual growth of more than 15 times the total recorded value and more than $ 11 billion dedicated to protocols, the Decentralized Economy (DeFi) has become the backbone of the crypto industry and an entirely new industry in its own right. At the same time, the shape is not defined as a specific market with much certainty.

So far, the major flaw in DeFi’s research has been his focus on individual projects or simple math operations like economics. It lacks a systematic overview that captures the essence of the industry and professionally describes it in detail. To address this problem, Cointelegraph Consulting and Byzantine Solutions has conducted fundamental research in the decentralized economy, from the first page to the complex impacts and risks on existence.

New Look 2020: Textbook. “Where Decentralization Meets Funding” is a landmark study that aims to significantly upgrade DeFi’s future research. This sets a precedent for market research, from basic characteristics to complex influences between protocols and emerging dynamics.

The document provides a complete map of the industry using common conceptual models, iterative ideas, common problems in a decentralized environment, and methods for solving them. The highlight of Redefine 2020 is the comparison along with the traditional economy and its barriers to the natural features that decentralized finance can use to create a better, more flexible system with greater affordability and less friction.

Written by economists and industry professionals, Redefine 2020 uses professional jargon and assumes that readers are familiar with the concepts of blockchain and smart contracts, as well as financial tools and their applications.

Source: CoinTelegraph