OKEx is the latest cryptocurrency exchange that lets you jump on the DeFi bandwagon. On August 28, they announced a list of eight different DeFi codes, including Band Protocol (BAND), JUST (JST), REN, Reserve Rights (RSR), Yearn.finance (YFI), Nexus Mutual (wNXM), and YFII. Finance (YFII) and Tellor (TRB). These new offerings expand DeFi to a total of 27.

Jay Howe, CEO of OKEx, praised DeFi’s business, saying:

“OKEx has watched the dynamics of the DeFi market with interest and has done our best to work with innovative, high-quality DeFi projects that have the greatest potential. We are very encouraged that there are many excellent projects emerging in the market here too. We assume that the DeFi space is developing rapidly.”

Certainly, OKEx is not alone in its commitment to this particular aspect of the blockchain ecosystem. In April, Binance released a new DeFi token backed by its own cryptographic lineage (ONT). The new token is based on the Binance chain and is controlled by a number of parameters known as BEP2. A Binance spokesperson told Cointelegraph it’s called ONT-33D.

Coinbase announced support for the popular DeFi Project (COMP) complex in June.

Huobi Global recently registered the Band (BAND) Protocol on August 10 and Poloniex registered the Decentr DeFi token in July.

Source: CoinTelegraph