Electric Coin, or ECC, the organization responsible for promoting the Zcash Privacy Currency (ZEC), has unveiled a new token for the blockchain and crypto community.

The company released the Halo 2 source code, “An updated, more efficient version of ECC’s iterative directory configuration that eliminates the need for a reliable Zcash installation,” according to a September 1 ECC letter. “It can also offer a promising scalability solution for Zcash and other blockchains,” the post added, noting that the Halo framework, among other things, is increasing speed.

Running a Zcash network with a short non-interactive zero knowledge medium or zk-SNARK requires a robust setup. Basically, this means that certain parties must control the network from the start. The new Halo 2 source code allows you to complete the process without reliable settings when using Zcash.

Ethereum also helped develop Halo 2, detailed in a blog post, which indicated that robust adaptation will be a thing of the past from next year if everything is in line with ECC goals. “It will also pave the way for future support for duplicate evidence to support team 1’s layoffs,” the post said.

“In the coming months, we will spend significant resources on R & D, business development, marketing, operations and third-party support to ensure that Halo 2 is produced safely and reliably. Finally, the decision to release Halo 2 will be decided by the Zcash community. Halo 2 has become part of Zcash. ”
Zcash is among many other well-known digital assets based on anonymity in the crypto space – a concept that is given a prominent position in the face of increasing digital surveillance.

Source: CoinTelegraph