Darren Klein, better known as DKleine, is an NFT artist with dedicated zombies. We are talking crypto zombies, political zombies, mustache zombies by Salvador Dali. Zombies of all shapes, sizes and directions! If he’s green and split, and loves the delicious taste of a good brain, he’s ripe for tokens (and charity), as far as Klein is concerned.

What started as a quasi-political statement just a few months ago (the first NFT zombie was the decaying Donald Trump, who was still running for president in 2040) has now evolved into a complete aesthetic for the brand. With his creative products now growing in popularity in blockchain markets such as the high seas and well-known sources, Klein concluded that the holiday season was a great time to showcase peace on earth and show goodwill to everyone.

On December 12, Klein will list his first twelve Christmas NFTs in the 12 Days Zombie Christmas series, with 80% of the proceeds going to children’s charities. Each illustration in the comic will feature a scene from the classic holiday movie, but with a delightful brutal twist – all characters are either undead … or soon-to-be.

Zombie Brown Christmas by DKleine.

“I don’t change them that much. I change it enough to make it a little uncomfortable, but it’s still kind of a joy.” Klein explained in an interview with Cointelegraph that there’s still something nice about it Carousel through a preview of his upcoming work and the sequel:

“Here is the Christmas break. He’s still working. ”
They really have something to see.

To explain his personal imagination, Klein described the unintended psychological effect known as “Valley of Terrible” – a term used to describe creations that realistically mimic human flesh and blood, but fail to convey the illusion in often deadly ways. Have you ever watched Robert Zemeckis’ adaptation of The Polar Express? Strange valley. Scary Japanese fembots with silicon skin and glass dead eyes? Strange valley. He said:

“I think it’s the same with zombies. There is something instinctively disgusting about them. But then you put them in the context of this cool Christmas scene, and your natural reaction is to laugh.”

Home Alone (except for zombies) by DKleine

You can bet the first in the Klein series here.

He emphasized this point and made a more serious comparison with our present, socially distant reality. This is also related to the entire COVID problem, right? Because clearly the idea behind zombies is that they are an imminent viral threat that always threatens us. “Really.

“I think it was kind of a survival tool for me when it came to COVID. Just a joke. I was the one I was when I was a kid if I watched a movie and it was sad or uncomfortable.” Because it made me feel better. I feel like some of this is happening. “

Source: CoinTelegraph