Indian IT giant Tech Mahindra plans to build and deploy a suite of blockchain solutions on Amazon Managed Blockchain over the next 12-18 months.

According to a September 7 report from The Economic Times, the tech giant has partnered with Amazon Web Services and other organizations to bring a blockchain solution to its customers around the world.

Tech Mahindra, a subsidiary of India’s Mahindra Group, will work on blockchain solutions for the aviation, telecommunications and medical sectors, as well as pursue banking and financial services projects, retail, manufacturing, and oil and gas clients.

Their main goal is to disrupt the supply chain in these industries to “ensure business continuity” even during a global pandemic.

The company plans to use blockchain to help the aviation industry track “clusters” during delivery. They will also create solutions to help telecom equipment suppliers better control their supply chain.

The healthcare industry will be able to use Tech Mahindra’s blockchain solution to track and identify counterfeit medical products, including personal protective equipment, face masks and disinfectants.

Tech Mahindra recently launched a blockchain-based, blockchain-based digital contract and rights platform from IBM to help artists in the media and entertainment industry track revenue, royalty payments and digital rights.

As Cointelegraph previously reported, the IT giant has also launched an acceleration program with the Telangana state government in southern India to drive blockchain innovation in the state.

Source: CoinTelegraph