The upcoming blockchain gaming experience Taurion kicks off the Treasure Hunt III event on August 28th.

Participants will compete for prizes over $ 10,000 including major cryptocurrencies, in-game currencies, and rare non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from a slew of games and other blockchain developers.

Cointelegraph spoke to Andrew Colosimo, Torreon’s Creative Leader, about the event.

Most trophies are discovered by prospecting or searching different areas of the map, just like the standard equivalent of roaming the countryside with a metal detector. Anything found then has to be taken to the right building to drain, but the path can be dangerous.

In addition to building, crafting, and upgrading, there are other player-to-player (prime and deadly) rewards available. All prices are demonstrably fair and even Colosimo does not know where potential prices are hidden.

However, the prizes are just an incentive for players to test the game and features in the alpha phase, as he explains:

“Without them, testing the buggy game during early development wouldn’t be fun, as the world would be completely reset for the game’s release.”

The previous two treasure hunters were classified as “experimental technology displays” because there was little to do besides navigation, ground fighting, and excavation. The new version is packed with features, although there is still a lot to add before the full game is ready to launch.

What might surprise some is the number of trophies donated by games and game developers from other big names. In a definitely competitive industry, it is positive to see such collaboration and mutual encouragement.

“Personally, I think the space is very small right now and it is definitely an addition to build a strong blockchain gaming community and put all of them on different projects.”

Colosimo describes Taurion as a completely independent game world with cryptocurrency, in which players can win cryptocurrencies and assets in a fair, decentralized way. He said, “Coins are distributed in a similar way to Bitcoin mining, except that the work is not done by hardware miners, but by human miners (using skill, intelligence and teamwork).”

Looks fascinating … Cointelegraph will be joining Treasure Hunt III to explore the game so far and showcase the ongoing work on developing Taurion … and maybe even win some trophies (important).

The event will take place from August 28th to October 12th.

Source: CoinTelegraph