To better understand how professional investors view digital assets, Cointelegraph Consulting has published more than 70 pages of research report written by eight authors with support from SIX Digital Exchange, BlockFi, Bitmain, Blocksize Capital, and Nexo. The report, revealing the institutional demand for digital assets, identifies coins that wealthy investors already possess and plan to purchase in the coming months. The report also covers the most popular regulated funds and structured products that target investors in the traditional financial sector.

Total assets under management from the 55 portfolios surveyed totaled more than 719 billion euros, nearly double the total market value of the digital assets market. Of these professional investors, 36% already had blockchain-based assets in their portfolio, either through direct investment in cryptocurrencies, stacked coins and security tokens, or through funds, structured products, or futures contracts.

Of the remaining 64% who have yet to invest, 39.29% plan to invest. As a result, 36% + 25.15% = 61.15% of the professional investors in the survey either already own digital assets or plan to purchase them in the future.

Download the full report here, along with graphs and charts.

Most of the investors with access to crypto assets were primarily interested in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). About 88% and 75% of cryptocurrency-related respondents invested in these cryptocurrencies, respectively. However, institutional investors are showing an increased interest in security tokens. Among the 39.29% of investors planning to invest in the future, security tokens were more popular than Ethereum and other altcoins.

Some investors have crypto assets for speculation, not for trading. They hope to “go beyond” Wall Street with shopping before large pockets reach the market. Not to mention the fear of missing out, there are real reasons for excitement when institutional investors join this room.

The sheer volume of assets managed by professional investors like pension funds, university scholarships, and insurance companies is enough to have a powerful impact on the entire digital asset industry if they go to the market. For years, there have been rumors that institutional investors have started buying cryptocurrencies, and now the latest academic survey confirms, along with news from Microstrategy, Stone Ridge and Square moving into cryptocurrencies.

The survey was conducted between June and September 2020 by Professor Dr. Philip Sandner of the Blockchain Center of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Professor Dr. Alfred Taoudis of the Austrian Blockchain Center of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and Demelza Hayes, Director of Cointelegraph Research. The report was published jointly by Cointelegraph Consulting and the Crypto Research Report.

Source: CoinTelegraph