Bitcoin has fallen by $ 2000 in recent days, but the network’s hashrate has reached a full-time high and broke the 150 baht / s plateau for the first time in history.

Hashrate is an important calculation to determine the health of the Bitcoin (BTC) network. It represents the amount of global hash power used in the mining of coins, and it can also be interpreted as 51% of the energy that protects the network from potential attacks.

Miners are a major player in the Bitcoin ecosystem, and their continued allocation of resources, despite recent price fluctuations, could be a positive sign in the long run. Although it should be noted that when it comes to industrial mining, business planning assumes medium to long term and is usually not affected by price volatility in the short term.

General economic uncertainty may be another factor forcing more companies and individuals to spend resources on bitcoin mining; Activity is often seen as a defense against traditional markets.

Source: CoinTelegraph