Blockchain mania in South Korea has now reached the housing sector, and the national government has pledged $ 1.27 million to fund a blockchain-based platform targeted at residents of apartments across the country.

According to ZDNet Korea, the South Korean Ministry of Science or ICT has chosen a local company, Ksign, to develop a contactless platform that enables residents to participate in e-voting, parking management and other housing-based management measures. …

The ad said that the platform will also help with social distancing. The creators of the project also said they expect to “improve sanitation in the living quarters.”

Homeowners, residents and management will be able to use the platform, which will also offer video conferencing and electronic payment solutions.

Kyu Ja In, VP of Ksign, commented on the upcoming platform:

“We are developing a DID that can be used on the token ecosystem by checking personal information and verifying identity by checking personal information. Our goal is also to create a token system that can be used in any store. ”

The head of the regional government in Socho recently proposed a blockchain-based voting platform for residents and praised the recent influx of cryptocurrency-related events across the country.

Source: CoinTelegraph