A K-drama series entitled “Romantic Hacker” is scheduled to be broadcast on the Internet in October in South Korea. It focuses on topics related to encryption and blockchain and is related to romance. The film screening is scheduled for August.

According to Sports Donga, K-pop star Kwon Hyun-bin will appear in the series as the male hero “Jaemin”.

The story tells of the penetration of a crypto-trading platform called the Jeju International Crypto Exchange. Jaemin will fight a gang of highly skilled hackers who are trying to steal money from the exchange.

Although the talent agency responsible for hiring actors and actresses in the series has stated that it will be a “kinetic comedy” based on digital currency, the media believes that the story may have a romantic touch due to the name of the Korean drama.

The first production of the series is affiliated with South Korea
Romantic Hacker is the first K-Series code drama to air in South Korea. By hiring Kwon, he believes the show hopes to attract a large number of young fans.

The K-pop star is also known as a model and actor. His film shows that he has starred in three TV series, including Netflix's “Part-Time Idol” and the latest JTBC's “Don Let Let Go Your Mind”.

Cointelegraph reported on the encryption-related manga, the Genesis Code, which was created to combat the crisis of content creation in Japan.

According to a short review posted on the series’ official website, the story is about the mystery of the Bitcoin creation. He was appointed in 2009; The year bitcoin (BTC) was invented.

Source: CoinTelegraph