In 2016, 119,756 Bitcoin (BTC) was stolen from Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange. Some coins have continued to cycle through wallets over the years, including Monday.

Blockchain data shows that an unknown crypto user transferred 270.97974 Bitcoins from a wallet linked to the hack. At the time of publication, this amount was estimated to be $ 5.2 million.

Less than 0.001 BTC remains at 1GytseWXyzGpmHkcv9uDzkU9D8pLaGyR5x, which is believed to be related to the hack. Bitcoin was sent to a previously unknown Bitcoin address 3MyXrfSg7JFXLa7bD6YF1GnomEr8EXYRnx, which contains only that transaction amount.

The hackers responsible for the breach transferred only 1-2% of the stolen money within four years of the theft. Their HODLing strategy seems to be paying off: At the time, the catch was only $ 72 million, but it’s now estimated to be around $ 2.3 billion.

In June, thieves transferred 736 BTC from the breach to the Russian Hydra black market, and some coins have already returned it to Bitfinex. Likewise, some transferred 3,503 BTC from addresses linked to the Bitfinex hack in 2016, in July. The coins also moved in October with 2,900 BTC wallets. Various amounts of Bitcoin have also moved from the hack on several other occasions.

However, 98% of the stolen money remained the same for four years. This could indicate that hackers are having a hard time laundering digital assets as the government imposes stricter rules.

Source: CoinTelegraph