For an industry that lacks end-users, there are a few apples that seem more exciting in the blockchain world of games. The global gaming market is expected to generate more than $ 159 billion in revenue by 2020, and at a recent two-day digital conference, the Blockchain Games Alliance made it clear that members are eager to take a break.

There are an estimated 2.7 billion players worldwide, or about a third of the world’s population. When it comes to group adoption, this game puts you on the same level as breathing oxygen and drinking water.

If only a small fraction of these players want blockchain technology in their lives … well, let’s just say the crypto industry has always wanted this level of penetration among the general public.

Fortunately, blockchain offers many compelling uses to lure players into the fold, and technology opens a number of new opportunities for this environment.

The Blockchain Game Alliance was created as a siren song that would advance the benefits of blockchain technology to the gaming industry as a whole. The BGA encourages the adoption of decentralized games, unchanged codes and even elements of decentralized finance, and highlights new ways to create, deploy, play and build strong communities around games.

BGA members represent all aspects of the gaming and blockchain industry, and the organization regularly hosts presentations and seminars. It also aims to promote diversity and encourage more women to participate in the blockchain gaming industry.

The last event, which was split into two on November 4 and 11, was the BGA Games Showcase Day, which allowed attendees to present the latest developments and upcoming shows.

So, the last two rainy and dark Wednesday nights I’ve spent glued to the screen, jotting notes and getting an impression of the future that blockchain games have come to expect.

But the first evacuation. Since there are so many games in two parts of the action, I tried to focus on games not previously featured here on Cointelegraph.

However, this article will analyze the incredibly diverse set of games that support the blockchain, including groundbreaking virtual reality and augmented reality features, open-world role-playing games, classic board game battles, and even text-based multiplayer dungeons. , Or MUD, which is a semi-forgotten game format that’s been around since the 1990s.

Reality bites …
Tired of slow, meaningless movement in your daily life? Why not replace this with the shiny new virtual reality Somnium Space?

Perhaps the most impressive display of the event, Somnium Space is an open and permanent 3D world that allows users to create and interact with whatever they want.

The demo, available with a virtual reality headset or a standard browser, was an NFT art gallery where users purchase images directly from the gaming world.

Or maybe you prefer augmented reality? If so, would you probably prefer Reality Clash?

This augmented reality shooter is now available on iOS and Google Play stores and puts your avatar on an online battleground called Sim, where your real-world moves become an action in the game.

Reality Clash is an NFT weapon that can be manufactured, upgraded, and sold to other players. However, I doubt that even a weapon with a high kill rate, verifiable with blockchain and headshot frequency, would be able to turn my clumsy fingers into the fingers of an expert shooter.

Penny Arcade
Over the course of two evenings (or in the morning, depending on where in the world you are), various casual games and games are featured.

Town Star Gala Games is a farm building simulation game that can be played on your mobile device or browser. It hosts a weekly contest with cash prizes for players who can grow and sell the most specific crop. It also has a cryptocurrency inventory that can be stacked together and integrated into bots to automate specific tasks.

Meanwhile, Mib Trek takes you on a hunting trip through different marble universes in search of Genesis Balls. It is hidden in various Ethereum (ETH) wallets, which you can unlock after resolving the in-game clues.

Mib Trek is a kind of match 3 game, but different missions reward different types of marbles. They must be grouped and combined into compound types to create crystals that lead you to Genesis marble stones.

Another mining-inspired game, Mines of Dalarnia, offered a number of new user-requested features, including more complex tokens. Like Dig Dug, this game requires players to explore mines for minerals that can be used to upgrade their equipment, giving them access to more mines.

All game elements are represented by cryptocurrency tokens, and the mining theme is especially suitable for playing on the blockchain.

Source: CoinTelegraph