The Canadian restaurant chain, known for serving shawarma, hummus and other Middle Eastern dishes, has bombed the dangerous truth about why Bitcoin (BTC) is better than gold.

In a series of tweets, employees at Tahini restaurants in Ontario explain why bitcoin, not gold, is the best way to preserve wealth.

“We looked in the eye of our financial advisor and told him that gold will be a bitcoin hoax,” Tahini wrote on Twitter explaining the reason for the “year of gold numbering”.

Contrary to what golden beetles think, the true value of the yellow metal comes from the people and institutions that store it in vaults as a rare commodity, the restaurant says.

Bitcoin changes all of this. Tahina’s Tweets:

“Unlike gold, Bitcoin is 100% cash prize, which means that it is not used for electronics or for any purpose other than pure money.”
It continues:

“Bitcoin removes the physical value and makes it digital, making it easier to transfer the value around the world without the need for any third party. We can transfer $ 100 million from Canada to the United Kingdom and Australia and back to Canada within two hours for $ 30. The maximum.”
Check out Peter Schiff for his reluctance to look behind the shiny metals and you have a surprisingly suggestive Twitter theme. Not necessarily what you would expect from a Canadian chain of restaurants.

Earlier this month, Tahina expressed her contempt for gold less eloquently when she tweeted, “Gold is a dirty store of value …

Small context: Tahina was announced in August when they announced that they would direct all their cash reserves into BTC. This decision was approved (and supported) by people like Anthony Pomplano, Max Kaiser, and Stacy Herbert.

But it’s not just a random Canadian restaurant that thinks gold is losing its bitcoin share. Even JPMorgan, Bitcoin’s main competitor, believes BTC is eating gold. Banks say:

“Bitcoin adoption by institutional investors has just begun, while institutional investors have made great strides in gold. If this target is correct in the medium to long term, then the price of gold will suffer structural headwinds. In the coming years.”
2021 could be an exciting year for Bitcoin. With their institutionalization, companies like Tahini are sending a strong signal to small and medium-sized businesses that their value for money is rapidly declining. Bitcoin is the only asset designed to preserve purchasing power over time.

Source: CoinTelegraph