Tokenizer is a new self-service platform launched on July 29 that provides a blockchain issuance solution that is fully compatible with asset-backed security tokens.

This will allow companies and individuals to code their assets without technical skills or coding, which can then be used to raise money and exchange them on the Tokenizer exchange.

Symbol for realizing the value of assets
Real asset code has long been considered the deadliest use of blockchain technology in the world. However, this usually requires either a dedicated codec or third-party token services before doing so.

Tokenizer provides access to tools that allow anyone to produce tags that represent their true origins.

Type of property that can be coded without restrictions, and includes physical assets such as real estate, works of art, luxury goods, traditional asset classes such as stocks, bonds, hedge funds and less tangible items, including intellectual property and identity.

The goal is not to speculate in digital currencies, but to achieve the value of existing assets and make fundraising easier.

Comprehensive DeFi infrastructure
Tokenizer opens assets to a wider group of global investors and provides an integrated exchange on which symbols can be traded. Manindra CEO Majumdar believes it is the first decentralized end-to-end funding platform, or DeFi, on crypto:

“Tokenizer's self-service platform ensures that everyone can create their own security code without mastering the language in smart contracts. Instead of introducing a cumbersome and complex multiple tools, we have kept the whole experience on our platform. ”

The symbol can make the financial industry simpler and more efficient as trillions of dollars in illiquid assets are now being discovered.

Source: CoinTelegraph