Bitcoin ended the week with a 6 percent gain, still below $ 11,000, but set a 63-day record above $ 10,000. For some traders, the stability of the digital currency is beginning to seem boring. They are looking for more excitement in altcoins and DeFi tokens. OMG’s network recently jumped over 25 percent.

Perhaps diving into the booty will add some excitement to the coin. ChartBTC indicated that 2.5 million coins are left only for mining; Half will be mined over the next four years.

At the very least, Jack Dorsey thinks Bitcoin is still interesting. He sees the role of the currency and its blockchain technology in protecting Twitter’s content. He argues that decentralization can guarantee content eternal life. He has to explain his move to Twitter users. The study found significant gaps in understanding the overall cryptocurrency industry.

But many people understand this. IoTeX, a telecommunications company, has partnered with camera manufacturer Tenvis Technology to create a blockchain-powered indoor CCTV camera. Ucam uses a decentralized private key system to allow users to control all their personal data.

In Congress, the House of Representatives passed an updated Consumer Technology Act. The law includes provisions that define digital terminology and require the FTC to report on the role of blockchains in consumer protection. In Europe, the European Commission has taken a new step towards giving the cryptocurrency industry a stronger legal foundation. The European Commission has passed a new digital finance package that includes the first cryptocurrency asset law.

If you want to capitalize on this progress, you can make it worse by following Tim Draper. The venture capital owner described his portfolio of cryptocurrencies. It carries Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Tezos, and Aragon.

He did not mention if he has any symbols on Kucoin. Analysts estimate that the hackers could have earned about $ 280 million during this hack. ERC20 tokens worth about $ 129 million are currently considered safe.

And if you’re wondering what happened to Didi Teichuttu and his Bitcoin family, they’re still fine, they travel the world and live off cryptocurrencies. It’s definitely not boring.

Finally, we’ll talk to Ido Sade, founder and chairman of Sögur. Sögur is a digital currency designed to provide a stable, democratic and global currency. It was designed to accommodate the volatility that cryptocurrency markets seek, and to use stabilization mechanisms to reduce the risk of volatility when market conditions change quickly and unpredictably.

Source: CoinTelegraph