The vast majority of Twitter users trust the 18-year-old Spencer Schiff’s investment advice, not his father Peter Schiff, a well-known critic of the gold and Bitcoin (BTC) flaw.

Schiff said, “Contrary to my advice, my son bought more Bitcoins, and his advice is who will you follow?”

According to a September 7 tweet by Peter Schiff, 81% of the 46,000 Twitter users who responded to the survey would prefer an “18-year-old college student who has never worked” advice over someone with more than 30 years of experience. Years of experience as a professional investment.

The younger Schiff responded quickly to his father’s comments and poll results, saying Crypto Twitter appeared to support him. Others enthusiastically supported Spencer on social media.

“Your son will become a millionaire, at least when he is 57 years old, if he continues to buy bitcoins,” said Osman Majid, CEO of Quantum Labs.

However, some saw preferring father and son over different assets as more than an investment strategy.

“It’s a good idea to use your kid to secure your share of gold,” said Anthony Pomplano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital. “Gold goes up in price, it brings you the benefits. Bitcoin grows, your kid has advantages. A smart way to buy on both assets without overt surrendering the gold.”

Pompliano wasn’t the only commentator who came to this conclusion. “Peter seems to be trying to get both, depending on whether Bitcoin succeeds or fails,” said Reddit user u / Spl00ky. “If Bitcoin failed, you’d say, ‘Look, my son should have listened to me.’ If Bitcoin succeeds, it will say, “Look how smart my son is, the apple isn’t far from the tree.”

The investigation comes just two weeks after Schiff requested bitcoin donations from Twitter to mark his son’s 18th birthday. Although the wallet connected to Spencer Schiff does not currently contain bitcoins, transactions have been valued at 0.11 BTC since August 27.

Source: CoinTelegraph