Ripple, a payment service that uses XRP digital currency, is looking for an expert who specializes in the central bank’s digital currencies or CBDC.

According to a recently released post from Ripple, the company is looking for a senior central bank operations manager to support CBDC initiatives with Ripple’s real-time gross settlement system, XRP Ledger.

With the new position, Ripple aims to define the central bank’s digital currency strategy with central banks, build relationships and projects, and train global central bank governors and post available notes. This position requires over ten years of experience in technology sales or account administration, including sales to large financial institutions or central banks.

The latest job advertisement confirms Ripple’s intention to distribute the technology to develop the central bank’s digital currencies. In September 2020, Ripple published a post related to the CBDC coin, promoting the RippleNet payment network as an important tool for enabling interoperability between global CBDC initiatives. In August, Amy Yoshikawa, general manager of global operations for Ripple, said that XRP would not compete with the CBDC, but complement it to some degree.

It is unclear whether Ripple has participated in any of the current CBDC pilot programs. However, the company still maintains contacts with some of the global central banks. Ripple reportedly had a closed-door meeting with the Brazilian central bank in May 2020 to discuss “institutional issues.”

Source: CoinTelegraph