As blockchain technology continues to seek to break through and improve the gaming sector, many platforms have emerged to alert you.

Earlier this month, Cointelegraph announced the Pavillion Hub developed by GOATi Entertainment and supported by the Phantasma blockchain integrating with the Steam gaming platform. This allows developers to easily integrate blockchain elements into the games they call Steam.

But how is the user experience for players? To find out, I spent some time playing with the system and her example playing 22nd Century Racing Series.

It is better to remember that this is beta
The first thing to keep in mind is that the platform and game are still under active development and that the currently available releases are largely beta products. This means that not all functions are active yet and that you may encounter one or two errors.

Let's dive into Pavilion Hub directly with this waiver.

To the wing
The platform can be accessed via a separate computer application or a browser interface. You can also connect to your Steam account, which will fill your gaming library with games already purchased through Steam.

After logging in to Pavillion Hub, you can access the store, game library, list of licenses and in-game commodities and a non-in-market token market or NFT. Future updates will bring community features and the ability to participate in e-sports tournaments.

The store currently allows the purchase of GOATi codes for use on the platform, as well as various licenses and in-game items for 22 Racing. It is bundled in a dedicated game store, which will be a huge advantage when the platform hosts hundreds of games with many NFTs each.

Driving License
There are two in-game licenses available, such as NFT for 22 Racing, a $ 1.50 Pit Pass version that provides access to the carmaker and training session, and the full version 24/7 for $ 50.

This is almost equivalent to the new AAA game for PC, and may sound a lot for the beta, but it indicates GOATI's ambitious intentions by name.

Licenses will also get various bonuses based on age, and once the game starts, first users will receive additional free entries in e-sports competitions.

Since it is NFT, you can also sell the license in the market if you no longer need it, it may have higher price in the future due to the purchase date and bonus status.

Back in the queue
Gameplay includes racing along different tubular tracks. You can use walls and even ceiling tunnels, but be careful as there are hops and open areas from which you can fly.

On some advanced levels, she actually works outside the tubes, but I'm not even close to getting that.

The game claims to be real physics: it seems, it gives the Formula 1 aerodynamics enough power to move up and down quickly, and the speed is plentiful.

You have an accelerator … an elevator … a drag reduction … and even a nuclear plasma propulsion device to propel you forward at incredibly high speeds. Some of them need to (recharge) before use, which can be achieved by “owning” parts of the course and driving through the reward sections that you (or your teammates) can extract.

Since it is basically a futuristic Wipeout racing game, there is a lot of meat in this game. However, the race is surprisingly affordable once you get it. Before you get it, find yourself rolling through the tunnel like crazy and praying to the game gods that there are no cracks. Trust me on this.

Make me glasses of butter
The second element in the game is the assembly and adjustment of cars. By purchasing sub-packages, you can tune your car to your liking. You get five random bits in the $ 3 package that you can use to customize your vehicle.

Soon, the manufacturer's license will allow players to recognize the modified vehicles as separate NFTs. Likewise, the Scrapper license will allow players to split existing vehicles into separate pieces.

Like everything else in the game, NFTs can be traded with full vehicles and individual parts on the market.

If you are not a fan of booty and a full revelation here – then I am not, then you will see this as a shameless fan dump for additional money. Each car has twenty-five separate parts, so you can spend literal fortune trying to get enough parts to build a car from scratch.

Once you do that, you can of course sell this car at a fixed price. The most expensive full-featured NFT vehicle currently on the market is worth more than $ 5,700.

Source: CoinTelegraph