The price of RIF, the symbol of the RSK smart contract network, has risen more than 30% since the company’s founder appeared in The Pomp Podcast on January 13. The gain is in line with the $ 36 million increase in RIF’s market value, most of which has occurred in the past 12 hours.

RIF, short for RSK Infrastructure Framework, is a symbol used as a means of payment for decentralized infrastructure services running over the RSK protocol, such as e-commerce solutions and network bridges. Services are purchased on a networked marketplace and created using the RSK protocol. This makes it interoperable between a range of smart contract based platforms such as Ethereum and EOS.

During an hour-long interview, Diego Gutierrez-Zaldivar, RSK and founder of IOVLabs, discussed the origins of his hobby for Bitcoin, the origins of RSK and IOVLabs, and why he is confident that 2021 will be a fruitful year for Bitcoin preparation. infrastructure for the quarter. Adoption.

He also answered questions from listeners and gave his views on a number of hot topics, including censorship by service providers, DeFi and what he thinks should be a playoff for developers in their industry.

“The first decentralized finance protocol is Bitcoin. The ultimate goal is to offer all financial services available today in centralized models that will be offered in a decentralized peer-to-peer manner. ”
Gutierrez-Zaldivar praised the success of Ethereum, reaffirming his strong belief that Bitcoin should be the foundation for the development of smart contracts running on decentralized networks. His conclusion is based on six years of experience in developing bridges to connect independent crypto platforms.

“I totally agree with Ethereum’s goal. Perhaps the biggest difference is that I believe the profit should be bitcoin because you want a store that is censorship neutral – neutral – as much as possible. ”
With RSK’s roadmap spanning a decade into the future, Gutierrez-Zaldivar has highlighted the company’s long-term thinking and hopes that one day it will become “an important layer of protection for the Bitcoin economy and infrastructure.”

Gutierrez-Zaldivar believes that RSK reflects the peak of progress in decentralized software and that by 2021 all the necessary components will be in place to make “encryption systems work like fintech”, and this will be the last step towards convergence of systems.

“These technologies have the potential to reach half of the population that is currently excluded from the financial system and therefore doomed to eternal poverty, because they do not have the ability to continue to exist and grow. That is why I think this is relevant and why we do this. what we are doing.
On January 6, Binance announced the listing of RIF trading pairs. RIF has grown by 40% since the beginning of the year.

Source: CoinTelegraph