It looks like a new form of coded farming is taking shape, with a Reddit Community Points tag making it easier to farm spam.

Reddit community ratings are given to users based on their activity on a specific subreddit, with the feature currently enabled for the cryptocurrency and Fortnite communities on the platform in the form of ERC-20 tokens called Moons and Bricks respectively.

Thanks to the xDai-based decentralized exchange Honeyswap, which recently launched cross-linking to laminated versions of tokens, Reddit users can now grow memes for profit.

Reddit’s social results are distributed monthly based on user activity. The tokens were originally issued retrospectively based on Karma, Reddit’s long-standing reputation rating system on a site that has historically been collected by users.

The Fortnite community has shown a strong interest in icons: since the launch of the feature, over 39,026 Reddit users have created Bricks wallets. On the other hand, currently 8,910 users have conservatives containing satellites.

To date, 34.6 million bricks and 35.3 million moons have been handed out. Since the former is currently trading at $ 0.047 and the latter at $ 0.063, the token market caps are currently $ 1.6 million and $ 2.2 million, respectively.

The data shows that content created by nearly 47,935 Reddit users contributed to each of its subreddits in the five months since the launch of the $ 3.8 million token.

However, DeFi farmers are unlikely to talk about spam dumping anytime soon, as users of the r / cryptocurrency subreddit are earning the equivalent of $ 1.64 per person per day – about 10% less than the Sudanese low.

However, r / Fortnite users earn $ 0.27 a day for their activities – roughly a quarter of the Sierra Leone minimum wage.

If tokens were evenly distributed among wallets, r / crypto users would receive about $ 247 per month each, and r / fortnite users would receive about $ 0.41.

The first retrospective spread led to the creation of relative whales among farmers Moons and Bricks, with Cointelegraph identifying user r / Fortnite with 91,000 bricks for $ 4,235 and user r / cryptocurrency collecting 467,000 moons worth nearly $ 30,000.

However, the 24-hour volume for xMOON on Honeyswap is $ 46,531 and for xBRICKS only $ 19,392, indicating that Community Point markets have not raised enough money yet for whales to download tokens.

Source: CoinTelegraph