Pepe’s rarest item, Homer Pepe, was sold for 205 ETH ($ 320,000), according to owner Peter Kell.

The unique card shows the transformation between the Simpsons character Homer and the infamous frog Pepe.

Pepe is an animated frog created by artist Matt Fury and has inspired countless internet memes, including Rare Pepes, one of the first artistic experiments in blockchain.

Homer Pepe is a user-created map on the Rare Pepe collectibles platform designed by Joe Looney in 2016 and shown at the Rare Art Labs digital festival in 2018. Kell received the card at his first live blockchain art auction for $ 38,500, which is reportedly the highest bid ever. symbol price can not be exchanged or NFT at the moment. The work was also recently featured in the award-winning documentary “Feels Good Man” at the Sundance Film Festival. The documentary’s official Twitter account reported that the card sold for more than the cost of producing the entire film.

The new owner, TokenAngels, appears to be collecting hundreds of other NFTs in the series and rushed to the most valuable after the news came that he was ready to take over.

“I had to sell some crooks soon,” TokenAngels explained, pointing to CryptoPunk’s assets. “It was much less than he deserved, but it was very important to raise the money to complete the transaction on time!” Joe Looney worked as a security guard for the sale.

Renowned artist Matt Kane, who was listed on Cointelegraph’s 100 Best Personalities this year, previously created a work of art in honor of Homer Baby, and a tweet about it made it clear that Keel wanted to sell the original.

Kane said: “I consider HOMERPEPE to be the most important NFT in art history because the flagship sale in 2018 influenced many original cryptographers who thought we could use our art at work, create a market and believe in this new technology. “.

Overall, NFT has shown explosive growth this year, with sales of over $ 300 million in the first two months. Alex Atallah, co-founder and CTO of OpenSea, said earlier this week that the market is up over 7000% from last year:

“After the @ 3LAU crash last night, the Ethereum NFT market exceeded $ 300 million in February. This is 7450% more than last year, “he said on 1 March.

Renowned music artist 3LAU made history by partnering with Origin Protocol to release his new album on the NFT’s Top 33. Raised over $ 11.6 million, with the highest bid of $ 3,666,666. 3LAU has also promised to partner with six top contestants to create a custom song or remix for everyone.

Last week, Beeple was notified of the $ 6.6 million resale of Crossroads NFT in the secondary market. He has also penetrated the regular art sector: NFT’s EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS is currently on display at Christie’s. The auction for this work is currently $ 3.25 million.

Artist Trevor Jones demonstrated the power of the NFT market with his painting “Bitcoin Angel”, which earned over $ 3.2 million by selling 4,157 prints in seven minutes.

Source: CoinTelegraph