After Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams asked for advice on a long position in Bitcoin (BTC) earlier this week, rapper Logic plunged into bitcoin.

In a video posted to his Instagram story, Logic, real name Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, boasted that he had “bought six million bitcoins last month” while making collar pulling popular with rapper Xzibit in the mid-1990s on MTV Bump my car. .

Then he tried to discover that there was nothing wrong with that and muttered “Damn it”, “YOLO” (which means “You only live once”) and “Seriously …

Despite its location, investing Logic can be a particularly difficult financial move.

In the worst case scenario, if “last month” had meant that the rapper had invested at the market peak on October 31, he would have bought about $ 6 million of around 433 BTC at a price of around $ 13,850.

Fast forward to today, 433 BTC was valued at $ 7,926,500 at time of publication, representing a profit of close to $ 2 million.

However, the likelihood that this is exactly Logic’s hitting point of purchase in the market is slim.

If the rapper used the term “last month” to refer to a month ago, his purchase price might be $ 11,760. The hypothetical 510 BTC will now have a value of $ 9.3 million, or an impressive profit of $ 3.3 million.

Of course, if days and weeks mean little to a man, he may have mentioned the investment at the beginning of October. That would give it nearly 570 BTC at around $ 10,550.

It will now be valued at $ 10.4 million, which represents a return of $ 4.4 million, or roughly 75% of the return on the initial investment.

Since then, Logic has changed its Twitter name to Bobby Bitcoin. Actually “YOLO”.

Source: CoinTelegraph