R / WallStreetBits or WSB, a subsidiary that released a pump for Dogasin (DOGE) and created a short press for Gamestop, has banned crypto discussion after officially giving the issue a day off.

Sub-transfer broker u / bawse1 announced on Thursday that following a Bloomberg article entitled “Wall Streetbates Bose to Crypto”, WSB is now permanently banning crypto discussions. The broker announced just a day earlier that it would allow discussion of cryptocurrencies limited to Subredit Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and Dog. The new message is as follows:

That’s because of an article written by Bloomberg that somehow feels like “Wall StreetBates is turning to crypto.” There is an unrestricted ban on discussing cryptography. I have read a lot of stupid articles written about WSB. Get this cake. Come to the realization. As always, respect.
Thursday’s WSB Rules Update reads that the subfolder will automatically delete content that does not break codes and also references cryptocurrencies. “You can specify this passage, but only posts about cryptocurrency or underlying technology are not allowed. The crypto market is made up of small accounts, pumps and trivia,” Subredits content guide says.

Founded in 2012, WSB is a sub-forum in which participants trade stocks and discuss options. Subredit has about 10 million members and this year it became very popular with R / Wall Street Bates pumping up wholesale gas stop stocks, and the price jumped from about $ 20 in early January to over $ 340 on January 28.

While GME’s craze has abated a bit with the stock trading at 8,158 at the time of writing, the DOJE recently broke a one-time high time and time again, setting a new record of 29 0.29 today. Subcurrency has grown over 380% in the past seven days and is up more than 6,000% in the past 12 months.

Source: CoinTelegraph