The first grade vote on the Polkadot network was passed to double the DOT proposal 100 times.

As announced on Monday, the community accepted the proposal to make the DOT more comfortable with 86% of the vote. Only 4% of the votes voted against a new name, while the split variables received 10x, 1000 x 20% and 24%, respectively, as the owners of the codes expressed several preferences.

The poll lasted for two weeks, with 2.86 million of the 5.4 million tokens that went to the polls. Parity Technologies and Web3 Foundation, the two main organizations behind Polkadot, abstained from voting on initial plans to rename icons without a vote from the owners.

DOT had another named unit, Planck, with 100 million planks equal to one DOT. The sect is said to have been “useless for practical purposes” as the value is far below one cent.

According to the poll, Polkadot's offer will increase by about five times the offer of Ethereum (ETH), and according to prices leaked in the recent sale of Polkadot, each symbol will cost $ 1.25. Since this is just a new name, no changes are made to the actual view, as each DOT is only 100 points.

The renaming is scheduled to take place 72 hours after the DOT conversion is activated, which should take place around 18:00 UTC on 18 August. The change is expected to take place on 21 August.

Calmly started selling the token
As previously mentioned by the Cointelegraph, Polkadot is currently in the middle of a typical symbolic sale of 300,000 points, with a starting cost of $ 125.

The team does not appear to be commenting on or marketing the sale, most likely due to restrictions related to offers from S-List.

This project did not stop the collection of 3925 BTC at the time of publication, worth more than $ 4 million.

The subscription sale began shortly after the network lost its crutches in the form of special control keys on 21 July and 21 July.

Gavin Wood, co-founder of Polkadot and Ethereum, is a strong advocate for formal management systems in blockchains.

Source: CoinTelegraph