Bitcoin Core developer Peter Wille moved from Blockstream to Chaincode Labs. Vuille has been with Blocksteam since the beginning, after co-founding the company in 2014. When asked about Vuille’s resignation, Blocksteam CEO Adam Buck said:

Peter always does what he has – he works with bitcoin – and is still a Blockstream consultant and continues to collaborate with our research team Andrew Poelstra, Jonas Nick, and Tim Ruffing on muSig along with independent researchers and contributors. I think that means Blockstream shareholders. According to MuSig research, they range from 4/5 to 3/5 people actively working with muSig encryption. ”
MuSig is a new Bitcoin multisig standard (BTC) that Blockstream has been working on for several years. According to Andrew Poelstra, director of research at Blockstream, the new standard will provide greater efficiency, security and privacy. It is also compatible with another technology expected to be introduced in the near future – Taproot.

Poelstra made the following statement for Cointelegraph:

“We are delighted to congratulate Peter on joining Chaincode to expand his Bitcoin research collaboration and he will continue to collaborate on several Blockstream research projects including Miniscript, Simplicity and MuSig. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be happy to share some of the results of these projects – and no Sima about MuSig – and we look forward to continuing this in the coming years. ”

When Vuille moved to Chaincode, Lighting Labs became the largest sponsor of Bitcoin Core developers with eight; Blockstream and Chaincode follow with the family.

Source: CoinTelegraph