Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx announced the reopening of cryptocurrency purchases and a peer-to-peer port. Withdrawals, however, are still closed.

OKEx said on Wednesday: “The OKEx P2P platform will resume trading on October 21 at 12:00 (UTC) for fiat currency pairs CNY, INR and VND, while reactivating the portal for buying cryptocurrencies.” Announcement that adds: “Please note that withdrawals from cryptocurrency are still pending and the” Sell Cryptocurrency “option is not available.”

The stock exchange indicated that “other jobs are working” in a tweet on Friday after withdrawals were suspended. Based on the environmental update, purchases and sales through the OKEx fiat portal have also been discontinued.

A spokesman for OKEx told the Cointelegraph on Wednesday: “In accordance with the OKEx protocol and for the sake of user security, OKEx’s P2P trading functionality available in Vietnam, India and China has been temporarily suspended along with a withdrawal on October 16.” Circumstances can sometimes create opportunities for infamous characters to infiltrate and steal.

“For this reason, we decided to stop P2P, study the situation and report potential threats to users of this service. We are now convinced that our user base in these areas is aware of the correct trading methods, ensures the security of our assets, and we will resume P2P trading at. 12:00 UTC Wednesday 21 October. ”
OKEx’s problems began on Friday when the stock exchange announced a temporary suspension of withdrawals. In the days that followed, the situation was unclear. These cases partly concern Oslo Børs’ private key manager and their involvement in the ongoing investigation. There was also news that the Chinese police were looking for the founder of the stock exchange.

Although OKEx has given some details to the public, the situation is still unclear. However, the company has repeatedly assured the public that the money is safe.

“Other exchange features, such as trading and savings, remain unchanged and the user’s assets are safe,” a spokesman for Cointelegraph said after Wednesday’s announcement. “P2P trading has resumed and we continue to list new tokens and assets.”

Source: CoinTelegraph