OKEx announced at the global cryptocurrency exchange on February 9 that they have integrated support for blockchain-based addresses from irresistible areas in customers’ wallets.

This means that instead of specifying individual wallet addresses for each type of token, users can send and receive any of the many currencies supported by OKEx and Unstoppable Domains through a single .crypto or .zil domain name.

In practice, this feature was already available for incoming transactions. The domain owner can simply set up to send each currency to their OKEx wallet addresses via the Unstoppable Domains platform.

However, the OKEx wallet can now accept .crypto addresses for outgoing transactions and forward them to addresses specified by the domain owner.

According to OKEx CEO Jay Howe, simplified address formats can enhance the user experience and remove one of the remaining barriers for newcomers entering the crypto space.

Blockchain domains are also censorship resistant, which means that it is impossible to remove or revoke a decentralized URL.

In addition to URLs that support encryption, Tim Draper-driven unstoppable domains, decentralized chat and email services were launched last year.

OKEx said in a statement that it follows other major exchanges such as Coinbase and Huobi to support .crypto and .zil address formats.

OKEx recently announced that it will implement the Lightning Bitcoin Network in the first quarter of 2021, giving customers faster transactions and lower fees.

Source: CoinTelegraph