NYC and Miami mayors duke it out on Twitter over who is the bigger crypto advocate


New York City’s newly elected mayor Eric Adams reaffirmed his commitment to making the city a cryptocurrency hub by fully accepting his first three bitcoin (BTC) salaries.

In a Twitter response Thursday to Francis Suarez, who was re-elected from Tuesday, Adams said he would respect the mayor of Miami’s promise to accept his next bitcoin salary, as well as his next two payments. Assuming Adams accepts a base salary of $ 258,750, his monthly salary will be approximately $ 21,562 each, for a total of 1.05 BTC to $ 61,268.

The upcoming controversy on social media about the mayor of New York comes less than two days after he won the city election with 72.8% of the vote. He is expected to take office on January 1, so there is always a possibility that the price of bitcoin will change significantly before Adams is sworn in. The crypto asset has shown a lot of volatility this month, accumulating more than 10% from less than $ 50,000. In early October to $ 61,268 at the time of publication.

Both Adams and Suarez, as political candidates and government officials, have advocated for their cities to become cryptocurrencies in the United States. The elected mayor said he plans to make New York a “hub for bitcoin” if he wins the race, while Suarez has openly stated that he intends to make Miami the city with “the most advanced cryptocurrency laws” in the United States.

Suarez’s answer to Adam’s salary question suggests that the mayor of Miami considers their race to adopt bitcoin as non-aggressive. However, Adams is likely to receive much more bitcoins than his salary, given his $ 258,750 annual salary against Suarez’s $ 97,000.

“Congratulations on your choice,” Suarez said. “I look forward to a friendly competition to make our cities the capital of cryptocurrency.”

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New York and Miami have often been the focus of many in the crypto space due to past policies and events. In June, President Najib Bukele announced plans to hold a legal tender for the purchase of BTC in El Salvador at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami. In addition, the New York Attorney General’s Office is responsible for a number of lawsuits against crypto companies, including Coinseed, Bitfinex and Tether.



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