Cryptocommunications Keep and NuCypher propose a “hard merger”, and viewers describe the move as “the world’s first merger of decentralized protocols.”

The proposals were posted on the respective Keep and NuCyphers DAO forums on March 8, which indicates a number of weeks of discussions taking place between the two projects. If the merger is approved, the two projects are expected to merge into a new interoperable network called Keanu.

Keep Network is a protocol that enables blockchain users to store and transfer data privately from the network as the team uses its technology to create a decentralized bitcoin encryption protocol, tBTC. NuCypher also provides a decentralized layer of encryption and data protection for Ethereum-based decentralized applications.

A post written by NuCypher CEO MacLaine Wilkeson to the project’s DAO indicates that 2,000 NuCypher nodes will subscribe to tBTC, increase the number of nodes by 1000% and provide a solid foundation for the upcoming v2 tBTC update.

The proposals recommend a gradual start to the consolidation process. First, a new hosting contract will be launched, which will support NU and KEEP as business codes. Each community will have a 50% stake in Keanu.

A decentralized independent organization, or DAO, will soon follow, governed by new contracts, followed by the roll-out of tBTC v2 and the integration of the respective customer networks.

Although the networks are planned to be integrated, the development will be carried out by two independent teams working towards common goals. Project Director Matt Longo wrote:

“Keep and NuCypher have created similar technology with similar goals. Instead of continuing to share the market, we believe that together we can achieve more. Although both development teams will remain independent, we will all focus on one protocol. ”
On Twitter, Luongo also predicted that the integration would pave the way for level 2 integration, indicating that users will soon be able to use the tBTC tool on Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon or zkSync.

Bison Trails’ Victor Bonin suggested to the blockchain provider that Keanu would offer existing project providers a broader paradigm, tweeting:

“Keep and NuCypher are modular. They can add support for new utility cases that contractors can choose to support. The controllers of the new network will have a larger set of module components […] with which they can be rewarded. ”
Bunin added that Keanu would reduce “each network’s dependence on inflationary stimuli”, which would allow the new network to be “sustainable through commissions alone much faster.”

Source: CoinTelegraph