Not sure how to make the most out of Web3? This crypto wallet can help


A major cryptocurrency exchange has unveiled a new wallet designed to help users get the most out of what Web3 has to offer.

KuCoin Wallet allows customers to create a decentralized account in just a few clicks – creating a secure environment where major currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and USDC can be received, sent and stored.

The product is designed to be more than just a cryptocurrency wallet — and in the coming months, the new features will directly cater to NFT collectors, DeFi investors, and GameFi enthusiasts. KuCoin also revealed that its wallet has integrated Windvane, a “one-stop” marketplace for non-fungible tokens, to ensure that collections can be easily purchased, stored and displayed.

KuCoin Wallet is self-service, which means that consumers have complete control over their assets and manage their private keys. Its infrastructure has undergone a thorough audit with Hacken to give users peace of mind as well.

According to Johnny Liu, CEO of KuCoin, modern cryptocurrency wallets are much more than a place where digital assets are stored – they are now a passport to decentralized worlds… and a gateway to everything related to Web3. He added that the exchange wanted to increase its business offerings by bypassing central trading services.

important milestone
Figures from the platform show that the KuCoin Wallet has received more than three million open public test registrations worldwide — the rollout is a “significant milestone” for the ecosystem.

Multi-chain aggregation has always been at the heart of this product offering, with executives having a vision to allow users to manage their digital assets in one place – even if these cryptocurrencies are spread across multiple chains.

While some Web3 platforms have been criticized for their lack of usability when compared to Web2 competitors, KuCoin hopes to lower the barriers to entry by offering a user-friendly experience that makes exploring this new world simple.

The platform’s determination to play a larger role in Web3 follows the success of the KuCoin community chain, known as KCC for short. Over 60 DApps are already built on top of this public chain project.

And the project wasn’t afraid to put its money in place either. Following the launch of Windvane, itself a decentralized NFT marketplace, KuCoin Ventures launched a $100 million Creators Fund to “enable Web3 development” — championing a variety of NFT projects spanning sports, celebrity culture, and GameFi.

The end goal is simple: to promote mass adoption of the blockchain around the world, and to ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy.

More information from KUCOIN WALLET here
Explore the decentralized network
Once a decentralized account is created through the KuCoin Wallet, users can securely store their NFTs in one place – and perform the necessary verifications to use their favorite avatars as profile pictures on social networks.

The easy-to-use application also opens the door to trading and lending, as the wallet also serves as a login for games that can be played for profit.

KuCoin Wallet says it offers “full coverage” of DApps on Ethereum, Polygon, KuCoin Community Chain, BNB Smart Chain, and more — giving those with account access to popular DApps and newcomers within its platforms.

The Web3 industry is already worth billions of dollars and is expected to grow exponentially by the end of the decade as current tech giants and new startups rush to launch cutting edge platforms.

Armed with years of experience serving the crypto community, the new KuCoin wallet aims to ensure that everyone can explore everything this new era of the internet has to offer – simply and securely.



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